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In the beginning of November, 2009 Navidoo Media launched one of it’s most important projects – the corporate website for Hochland Romania. The goal was to create a corporate site, which is at the same time fun, a taste teaser and in line with the corporate guidelines for Hochland products’ representation in Romania. It was a challenge, since it was necessary to incorporate a lot of information, texts, videos, pictures, into a complex layout. Therefore, what was created is actually more of a Hochland environment than a simple corporate website, meant to introduce the user into the Hochland products’ world and offer him a virtual taste of the brand. Navidoo also created something unusual for a corporate web site: separate layout for each product category with product-specific images and Flash movies. Overall, the creation of this website was both challenging and fun.

Full length home page screenshot
homepage of Hochland website

Full length Hochland soft cheese page screenshot
Hochland soft cheese screenshote

More site screenshots screenshot
Hochland Brie screenshot
Hochland TV spots screenshot
Hochland.ro after 10p.m. 🙂
Hochland site after 10 p.m. screenshot