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Loya & Associates is a full service Dallas, Texas law firm with extremely varied and large area of expertise.

Main challenge in building this site was organizing a large pool of material in a meaningful manner. Prowebdesign was hired to redesign old loyalaw.com, which lacked structure and order. We’ve created a well structured bilingual site with spotlight on really impressive expertise span of Loya & Associates. Site navigation was re-thought. Now it provides user with clear context while occupying minimum of necessary screen space. Spanish version of site was implemented properly, each page and section being linked to its translation.

New loyalaw.com is also fully responsive and cross platform, has incorporated blog and media sections, and benefits of great on-site SEO.

Desktop site, and separate responsive mobile site
Design adaptation, from mobile to desktop

Full length Home page screenshot
homepage of loyalaw.com website screenshot

One of the Practice Areas page screenshot
practice areas of loyalaw.com website screenshot

Site on iPad
loyalaw.com website screenshot on iPad