Best sites with free stock photos and icons for web designers

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There are plenty of similar lists on the Internet, but all of them have a major flaw: they pile up sites indiscriminately, without ranking them. Well, we will correct this. Here goes our list of resources for free stock photos and icons ranked by how useful they are to a web designer. The criteria are: Quantity… Read more »

Roundup of useful design tools. September 2013.

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Useful tool for designers. It places a screenshot (any screenshot) into all sorts of devices: laptops, tablets, smart phones. You can browse the device gallery, choose your environment, drag-n-drop your screenshot and then save a PNG with it positioned on selected device. Pretty cool stuff for your portfolio!
Besides the fact that it’s simply crazy cool thing, you can use it to generate low-poly backgrounds for sites and so on. Adjust colors and lights and then click EXPORT to get a PNG screenshot.
Ultimate fashionable web designer toy! Generates long shadows in CSS3. Code works flawlessly.
Awesome meteo icons, which are also available as web-font. Free.