In the last years our company was part of many large scale web application development projects. We’ve become experts in designing complex user interfaces and user interaction schemes. Oftentimes we were approached by software development companies, that have created a gorgeous piece of software, or a complex web app, and were searching for a digital agency to make it look great.
What we offer as front-end experts is not just our creative mojo to make web & mobile apps look pretty. First and foremost, we will make sure the user interaction with the app is fast, simple, and efficient. Even the best software logic may need a fair amount of work to translate into the great user experience. And this is where we come in.

We also build front-ends for complex applications with scalability in mind. Every big project is a living thing. Within half a year from launch date it can undergo several design iterations, grow any number of new features, and even survive a complete business model change. We build code bases with all of these permutations in mind! And we are proud to say that large scale projects we are involved in go for years on the same salable, modular, easy to update code base with highest levels of abstraction.

Fun fact: CSScan be written in an object-oriented manner. Yep, it can:)

Our principles of UX & UI design are:

  1. What is not functional is no good. Every application element must exist for a reason and must have a function. No things that exist just because they are pretty are allowed.
  2. Familiar user patterns. There are things that users expect of your app. People expect button to do something if clicked, a select box act in a certain way, and so on. We eliminate any gap between how the elements look and how they are expected to work.
  3. Internal consistency. All elements are consistent throughout all parts of application. That includes navigation, element sizes, color terminology, etc.
  4. High level of standardization. If certain type of information repeats over several screens, or if certain functionality is present, then elements that display the information or do that functional work should be the same, or of the same nature throughout the app.
  5. High level of abstraction. Although not a programming language, CSS code CAN be written in object oriented manner. And this is what we do. Another tool that helps us keep code changes to minimum in years to come is Atomic CSS. We have actually created a custom library of atomic classes that goes perfectly with Twitter Bootstrap.
  6. Respect for underlying code. We are accustomed to working in complex MVC systems. We’ll know our way around your views and your viewmodels. We also will treat your data-binds with utmost respect and not break any:). If building UI on existing code is not possible, we will suggest work-arounds and search for easiest ways to change things.
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