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Digital product is so much more than just a website. In a nutshell, it is a service that can be monetized by the owner while helping users achieve a goal. Real life examples of digital products are: Booking.com, Google Analytics, Airbnb.com.

A digital product can include several separate entities: web application, mobile application, web site.
Prowebdesign has the capacity of creating all of the above, either from scratch or handling the UX/UI part of the cycle.

UX/UI design for complex interfaces

Who is the client?

Software development companies that have the resources for product development, but do not have in-house UX/UI design experts to make the front-end ergonomic and wow-looking.

How we can help?

Based on the stage of the project and client’s necessities we offer:

  • UX: wireframing / building prototypes
  • Help with user-testing the prototypes
  • Branding
  • UI design
  • HTML/CSS/SASS/Bootstrap 4 (or proprietary system) coding

Full cycle digital product design services

Who is the client?

Start ups and entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to transform it into live digital entity (or entities) that will bring revenue while providing unique, value added services to the users.

What is the process behind creating a digital product from scratch?

Full cycle digital product design is a complex process that involves several disciplines and work of many people with different skill sets. It starts with an idea and goes through several phases: from problem statement through research, creating user personas and elaborating user journeys, UX research and design, user testing, UI design, and front- & back-end development – to launch and iterations of updates.

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Full cycle digital product design. Phases

More often than not an entrepreneur or a start-up would contact development companies with an idea for a product formulated in very general terms. It is necessary to transform that general description into a written project analysis document. During this phase we interview stake holders and experts and create a document that contains:

  • Definitions: what the product does and how.
  • Added value proposition.
  • MVP (Minimal Viable Product). Digital form(s) – responsive web app, mobile app, mobile app + website to promote it or a combination of thereof.
  • Technologies.
  • Architecture and functionality of Front-end and back-end.
  • Target audience & User journeys.
  • Plans for near-future growth and development.

UX stand for User Experience. UX research is a dive into the minds of product’s target audience, combined with a good look at the competition. The result of the research is the product prototype: a set of wire-frames that show the screens of the digital product in a sequence. The screen sequence reflects journeys of different types of users through the product.  Product prototype lacks design, but it is interactive and can be tested and validated by both the stakeholders and test user groups.

User testing is performed with the finished prototype to fine tune the UX wireframes and make the product as user friendly as possible.

UI design is that exciting phase when the schematic UX prototype wire-frames get transformed into an actual design mock-ups with focus on look and style. During this phase we give the product its “face”: colors, typography, imagery, final form of interactive elements. Oftentimes this process is preceded by or coincides with branding. Prowebdesign offers branding services as well.

Together with our partners we offer a well tuned stack of technologies, development tools and thorough testing, all under a tight infrastructure. We cover:

  • Web app development (YII, PHP, MySQL, NoSQL, etc)
  • Mobile app development. Native ( iOS, Android), hybrid and enterprise apps  (React Native, Ionic, etc)
  • Presentation/corporate website development for product promotion (HTML5/SASS/WordPress)
  • And so much more.

We focus on creating bespoke software solutions that are tailored to your business needs and your budget. What’s even more important, our solutions are modular and scalable. Which means that the digital products we build will adapt and support the demands of your growing business.

We offer ongoing support and love to stay involved in the life cycle of the products we deliver. Whatever the needs of the business may be after launch: from design updates to adding new features, we can be your trusted ongoing support partner.

Case study: Ideal Flatmate web app

IdealFlatmate.co.uk is a unique web app that endeavors to combine a large room sharing marketplace with a unique dating-site like algorithm that helps users find the perfect flatshare in London.
Prowebdesign was with the start-up from early days, helping form the UX flow, designing original UI, and coding the complex front-end. Together with our long-time partners from CustomSoft Romania, we’ve succeed to rise up to the challenge of delivering a highly scalable system. Find out more »

Tom Gatzen
Client Testimonial

It has been a huge pleasure to work with Prowebdesign and the Custom Soft team. They have guided us through the design and development process for Ideal Flatmate and have been proactive, innovative and extremely hardworking throughout. We would recommend them to anyone and feel very lucky to have found such great people to collaborate with.

Tom Gatzen @ Co-Founder of Ideal Housemate Ltd.

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