New in-house project: blog about mountain trekking and other mountain activities for children

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Prowebdesign has recently launched a new about mountain trekking and other mountain activities for children. This is the case of “profession meets hobby”:).

The blog describes trekking trails in different mountain massifs in Romanian Carpathian mountains. Unlike many blogs about family trekking, we do not write about birds singing, pretty flowers, spectacular cliffs, etc. Instead we focus on supplying objective information that will help parents evaluate a trail and plan the hike: altitude gain, length, exposed parts, inclination, mountain huts on the way, water sources on the way, ease of access to the base, GPS tracks downloads, etc.


Atomic CSS utility classes for Twitter Bootstrap (or stand alone)

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Atomic CSS is a way of writing style sheets with one property per declaration, if we put it simply. If you have coded at least one large, scalable, responsive UI you probably already know how useful this approach is:). If the concept is new for you, here is a great article that explains what about: .

We have decided to share a small set of CSS helper classes that proved to be very useful in out work with large responsive UIs. Those classes are written for Twitter Bootstrap framework, style sheet uses the same break points. But helpers  – or atoms – can be used with any framework, in any project. You can add your own atoms, breakpoints, change naming convention, etc.

Click here for an example of how it all works  Download from gitHub

Package includes SCSS file and expanded + minified resulting CSS files… read more »

How to choose and hire a good web designer

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This article is a first one we write for the clients. Until now our blog was only publishing educational materials for web designers & developers. But why discriminate? 🙂 So, you have a digital project in mind. You go to Google, dial “web designer” and get….roughly 226,000,000 results. That was helpful and not discouraging at all, wasn’t it! :). How… Read more »

Best sites with free stock photos and icons for web designers

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There are plenty of similar lists on the Internet, but all of them have a major flaw: they pile up sites indiscriminately, without ranking them. Well, we will correct this. Here goes our list of resources for free stock photos and icons ranked by how useful they are to a web designer. The criteria are: Quantity… Read more »

We’re hiring / Prowebdesign angajeaza

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We are hiring: programmers, web designers. Location: anywhere. Job type: freelance / part-time / full-time. Datorita numarului mare de proiecte dorim sa marim echipa ProWebDesign. Daca aveti experienta in Web Development sau Web Design, ne face placere sa va alaturati echipei noastre (angajare sau colaborare). Web Developer (orice platforma/limbaj): Singura conditie e … sa stiti… Read more »

Math Game for 5-10 y.o. kids. In-house project.

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We are happy to announce that we’ve launched (finally 🙂 ) a cool in-house project we’ve been working on for the past 2 month. It is a math game for children of 5 – 10 years (pre-school and elementary school). The project started more in-house than many projects do. It has actually started in the family, springing from the need for some fun, yet thorough way to train our in-house first grader in elementary math.


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Sites made with Simple Responsive Template

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In a short time since Simple Responsive Template was launched, quite a few web designers and site owners used it to build their sites. And we are very happy to see that!

Here are some of the sites built using Simple. Click thumbnails to open sites. If you built a website with Simple, drop us a line in comments to this post and we will feature you.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum. Native Themes in New Deal-Era Murals
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CSS shapes. Images in rounded corner square rotated to 45 degrees (rhombus).

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Lately there is a certain trend in web design for using images in geometrical shapes. Shape in-trend changes about once a year. We all remember rounded corner squares, then circles, then hexagons and octagons that used to contain Team members’ happy faces:), right? A Dribbble player rightfully popped up a question: what will be trend of 2014?

I think, it will be a diamond rotated to 45 degrees, with rounded corners. Let’s go ahead and make one with CSS.

Smart Web conference in Bucharest

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On September 24-th we have attended the SmartWeb conference. Then got swamped with work, and got to writing about it only now 🙂 .

Anyhow. SmartWeb was the first web technology conference of this level ever held in Romania. We have great e-commerce & SEM conferences, start up conferences, web awards events. But SmartWeb was the first techy event that was truly interesting for web designers & front-end developers. read more »

Roundup of useful design tools. September 2013.

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Useful tool for designers. It places a screenshot (any screenshot) into all sorts of devices: laptops, tablets, smart phones. You can browse the device gallery, choose your environment, drag-n-drop your screenshot and then save a PNG with it positioned on selected device. Pretty cool stuff for your portfolio!
Besides the fact that it’s simply crazy cool thing, you can use it to generate low-poly backgrounds for sites and so on. Adjust colors and lights and then click EXPORT to get a PNG screenshot.
Ultimate fashionable web designer toy! Generates long shadows in CSS3. Code works flawlessly.
Awesome meteo icons, which are also available as web-font. Free.

Introduction to OOCSS and Responsive Behavior. Designing a one page site with Simple Responsive Template.

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Working on web projects I used to run into 2 problems time and again. First problem applies to any web design project: as the project grows bigger, CSS gets messier. There was obviously a need for some kind of better system of writing CSS. Second problem applies to responsive websites. The problem is that solely CSS media queries are not enough to make a website truly responsive. Truly responsive website will not only look, but also behave in a responsive way. That means – if we will simplify things a lot – it will serve different assets to different devices. In this tutorial I would like to show you the solutions to those problems, which I think are awesome: OOCSS (stands for Object Oriented CSS) and Responsive Behavior continue reading….

Simple Responsive Template. New freebie from Prowebdesign.

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Simple Responsive Template is a continuation of YAMB (Yet Another Responsive Boilerplate) project. This tutorial on YAMB v.1 will give you a short overview of responsive design concept and idea about why YAMB was created. In this article we will mainly speak about how  to use Simple Responsive Template and how it is different from the YAMB v.1.

Fanurio – great activity management, time tracking, and invoicing tool for small web design companies and freelancers

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Small Web Design companies and freelancers have three major concerns regarding the management and control of their activity:

  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Invoicing

There are hundreds of software applications which include these three components. And for this reason it is very difficult to choose which is right for you. You have to test the applications – at least briefly, which can become extremely time consuming. And the most frustrating thing is to spend half a day setting up some new tool only to find out that it lacks some small, but important feature, and ultimately doesn’t  fit your needs.

We were in the same situation, so sharing our experience and recommending the software we’ve finally selected will save you quite a bit of time.

Simple WordPress plugin: recent posts with custom excerpts from chosen category in a widget.

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This is a super simple WordPress plugin. It generates a widget that displays posts as title – excerpt – read more link from chosen category. You can control from what category and how many posts to show. I wrote this plugin because existent plugins either generate excerpts for posts automatically, and you can not control what’s displayed. Or they are too complex and have some weird formatting:). Read more and download

SASS gradient bars with reflections

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SASS is great! Not only because it makes writing CSS easier, but also because it forces you to be more organized in your design work. If you make glossy progress bars in CSS like ones in the picture, you tend to use at least 3 color shades: two for gradients, one more for border. But with wonderful SASS color functions you immediately begin to think: can I optimize it somehow? Yes, you can! You can use just one color to create both gradient bar with border and its reflection.
In this tutorial I will show you how to create colorful bar charts with just one color variable for each. Well, one and a half :).