Sortable design portfolio with WordPress 3.0, tags and jQuery

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If you have many design projects, it is good to let your clients sort them by some criteria like type, industry etc. This tutorial tells you how to build sortable portfolio like PROWEBDESIGN’s. We will also cover how to optionally add jQuery animation effects to the sorting script. PROWEBDESIGN portfolio is made with WordPress 3.0.3… Read more »

Designing websites with scope in mind (or Why PROWEBDESIGN got its version #6)

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What to consider, when you design a portfolio site for yourself? In one word – the SCOPE. The scope outlines the general aims and goals of any project. So, what is the scope of designer’s portfolio? WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN DESIGNING YOUR PORTFOLIO WEBSITE THE “HUMAN FACTOR” How new are you to the design? How large is your portfolio?