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Prowebdesign is launching a new service package – multilingual website.

This package is dedicated to multinational businesses, or anyone who wants to gain international exposure.

You deliver us your copy in one language; we translate it in up to 7 foreign languages, build a custom dynamic website, and populate it with all the copy and translations!

All translations are done ONLY BY PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS. No clumsy automatic translators jabber!

Available languages:

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Portuguese
  6. Russian
  7. Romanian

Package includes:

  • Custom and unique website design
  • Set up of WordPress CMS configured to accommodate up to 7 different languages
  • Any page on the site will automatically be linked to the corresponding pages in other languages
  • CMS allows you to add/delete/edit any content on your website via admin interface.
Prices (translation fees are included)*
  • Website in 2 languages, 5 pages per language: 900.00 Eur
  • Website in 3 languages, 5 pages per language: 1,100.00 Eur
  • Website in 5 languages, 10 pages per language: 3,500.00 Eur
  • Website in 7 languages, 10 pages per language: 4,000.00 Eur
* Prices are informative and approximate. Each case is discussed individually.

Contact us for more details!