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Custom Web design & development

Web design process starts with getting to know our client and learning all-we-can about the project we are going to work on. After “who’s competition” and “who’s an inspiration” are all settled, we begin doing UX, UI, architecture sketches, wire-framing, and voodoo :). And since we are not writing this for fellow developers, we’ll continue in human readable language:)

UX stands for User Experience, UI for User Interface, architecture is merely a sketch of size and position of various elements on the web page. So, all the above mentioned procedures are simply the steps we take for your site to feel like home to its future visitors. So it feels easy to use, and information only takes seconds to find. So colors are friendly, buttons are subtly glossy (just the right amount), and everything looks just great (actually, just WOW)!

Web development

So, we got through the design stage and obtained the WOW-result:). Next comes the part where we make things function. Coding, programming, and CMS integration. In short, the development.
We specialize in developing:

When appropriate, we use open source technology. This allows us to reduce the price of development by A LOT.

Web development with WordPress

PROWEBDESIGN’s open source content management system (CMS) of choice is WordPress. This software is the best known of all the CMS available at this point. There are countless plugins, add-ons and features available with WordPress – for free! Developing with WordPress allows us to give clients complex solutions for a low price. Beside, WordPress has the easiest administration interface (compared to most other CMSs).

Here are just a few examples of what this powerful tool can do for you without exhausting all your project budget solely on web development: design portfolios, image galleries, event calendars, booking systems, simple e-commerce sites, forums, job boards, guest books, catering order systems, communities, and of course blogs. And the list can continue!

From WordPress.org:

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

PROWEBDESIGN specializes in creating custom WordPress themes and developing complex custom WordPress interfaces.

Multilingual websites

Because our clients are from all over the globe, and many of them are from multilingual countries like Switzerland, Canada or Italy, we are often asked to develop multilingual websites. So often, in fact, that Prowebdesign became quite an expert in the matter.

We create websites with interfaces ready to accommodate unlimited number of languages. Those interfaces automatically link pages in several languages to their counterparts. We also deliver administration interface. After a short training, our clients are able to manage multilingual sites by themselves, performing complex tasks like adding a new language, translating pages and menu items, etc.

On request Prowebdesign also provides content translation services in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Romanian.


Last, but not least is the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. If you have a website, but no one knows about it, this website is useless. Website is the cheapest way of advertising, which is available 24/7/365, not just for several seconds, like TV or radio spot. But to take advantage of it, you need to actually show your site to people. This is why every website requires SEO. SEO is a set of technical routines which help search engine bots find and index your website. PROWEBDESIGN always writes HTML code in such a way, that it’s SE optimized from the start. And it is included in price, no extra charges are applicable.

We also consult our clients on how to build back link base and promote sites via Social media.

Website maintenance.

PROWEBDESIGN always offers ongoing maintenance and support of the websites we make.