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The game is cratead for children between ages 5 and 10. Math Game 5-10 is Prowebdesign’s in-house project that sprang from the need for some fun, yet thorough way to train our in-house first-grader in elementary math:).
After going through Excel macros phase, the game finally grew into its JavaScript version on a fully responsive website. It is available in several languages. This way, kids from around the world can play and learn math on any device.

Game features addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and comparisons. Operations types are devided in sub-types based on elementary school program. E.g.: addition up to 10, addition up to 20 – simple and by regrouping, addition up to 30, up to 100, etc.

But the coolest find of ours was the awards system. Math Game 5-10 game does not display a dancing character or confetti and boing-boing if the kid wins. Instead, you can set 2 prizes (first and consolation prize) yourself. This way kids get seriously motivated, because they knows that they’ll physically get something they really like! Like a candy bar, or an extra hour of cartoons.

Home page in English. Math Game 5-10 is a one page site with jump-navigation.

Math Game 5-10 on smart phone.