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How to choose and hire a good web designer

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This article is a first one we write for the clients. Until now our blog was only publishing educational materials for web designers & developers. But why discriminate? 🙂 So, you have a digital project in mind. You go to Google, dial “web designer” and get….roughly 226,000,000 results. That was helpful and not discouraging at all, wasn’t it! :). How… Read more »

Fanurio – great activity management, time tracking, and invoicing tool for small web design companies and freelancers

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Small Web Design companies and freelancers have three major concerns regarding the management and control of their activity:

  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Invoicing

There are hundreds of software applications which include these three components. And for this reason it is very difficult to choose which is right for you. You have to test the applications – at least briefly, which can become extremely time consuming. And the most frustrating thing is to spend half a day setting up some new tool only to find out that it lacks some small, but important feature, and ultimately doesn’t  fit your needs.

We were in the same situation, so sharing our experience and recommending the software we’ve finally selected will save you quite a bit of time.