On September 24-th we have attended the SmartWeb conference. Then got swamped with work, and got to writing about it only now 🙂 .

Anyhow. SmartWeb was the first web technology conference of this level ever held in Romania. We have great e-commerce & SEM conferences, start up conferences, web awards events. But SmartWeb was the first techy event that was truly interesting for web designers & front-end developers.

Needless to say, it was awesome.

Here are some useful links for people who couldn’t make it:

Official site:

Speaker decks:

Speaker deck and a video of extremely useful set of tips by Vitaly Friedman: &

Kudos and thanks to guys from Evensys, who organized the event – pretty much flawlessly.

Super thanks to Gabi Șchiopu, who came up with idea of bringing the top International speakers to Bucharest instead of spending money on airfare:).

We hope that SmartWeb will become a yearly event!