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Smart Web conference in Bucharest

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On September 24-th we have attended the SmartWeb conference. Then got swamped with work, and got to writing about it only now 🙂 .

Anyhow. SmartWeb was the first web technology conference of this level ever held in Romania. We have great e-commerce & SEM conferences, start up conferences, web awards events. But SmartWeb was the first techy event that was truly interesting for web designers & front-end developers. read more »

Quick web design tip. Mind your @media queries while coding WP child themes

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New WordPress default theme, Twenty Eleven, is responsive. Which makes it really awesome:). Don’t forget about this while writing child themes. Quick tips to save you some time and head scratching (“doh, why is it happening on mobile now?” kind): Copy at least @media (max-width: 800px){} into child theme’s CSS file As soon as you… Read more »

How to create glossy gradient menu bar in PhotoShop and then recreate it only with CSS3 and HTML5 (no images)

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This tutorial consists of two parts. First one explains how to make glossy red menu bar (smartphone style) in PhotoShop. Second part explains how to recreate this bar in CSS3 without using any background or border images. The tutorial is for people who are regular users of PhotoShop and are on friendly terms with CSS3…. Read more »

Designing websites with scope in mind (or Why PROWEBDESIGN got its version #6)

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What to consider, when you design a portfolio site for yourself? In one word – the SCOPE. The scope outlines the general aims and goals of any project. So, what is the scope of designer’s portfolio? WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN DESIGNING YOUR PORTFOLIO WEBSITE THE “HUMAN FACTOR” How new are you to the design? How large is your portfolio?