Atomic CSS utility classes for Twitter Bootstrap (or stand alone)

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Atomic CSS is a way of writing style sheets with one property per declaration, if we put it simply. If you have coded at least one large, scalable, responsive UI you probably already know how useful this approach is:). If the concept is new for you, here is a great article that explains what about: .

We have decided to share a small set of CSS helper classes that proved to be very useful in out work with large responsive UIs. Those classes are written for Twitter Bootstrap framework, style sheet uses the same break points. But helpers  – or atoms – can be used with any framework, in any project. You can add your own atoms, breakpoints, change naming convention, etc.

Click here for an example of how it all works  Download from gitHub

Package includes SCSS file and expanded + minified resulting CSS files… read more »

Best sites with free stock photos and icons for web designers

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There are plenty of similar lists on the Internet, but all of them have a major flaw: they pile up sites indiscriminately, without ranking them. Well, we will correct this. Here goes our list of resources for free stock photos and icons ranked by how useful they are to a web designer. The criteria are: Quantity… Read more »

Simple Responsive Template. New freebie from Prowebdesign.

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Simple Responsive Template is a continuation of YAMB (Yet Another Responsive Boilerplate) project. This tutorial on YAMB v.1 will give you a short overview of responsive design concept and idea about why YAMB was created. In this article we will mainly speak about how  to use Simple Responsive Template and how it is different from the YAMB v.1.

Simple WordPress plugin: recent posts with custom excerpts from chosen category in a widget.

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This is a super simple WordPress plugin. It generates a widget that displays posts as title – excerpt – read more link from chosen category. You can control from what category and how many posts to show. I wrote this plugin because existent plugins either generate excerpts for posts automatically, and you can not control what’s displayed. Or they are too complex and have some weird formatting:). Read more and download

23 free high resolution blurred backgrounds

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Happy freebie Saturday, well since we missed Friday:).
Here is a pack of blurred backgrounds we all love and sometimes overuse:). Free for personal and commercial use, no attribution required.

What’s included in a package:

  1. PSD size 2660px x 1995px
  2. 23 JPG files size 2660px x 1995px
  3. 23 JPG files size 400px x 300px for Dribbble players.

DOWNLOAD 23 free blurred backgrounds

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